Reggae music has the ability to inspire people. Music has been known to have the power to transition the diversity of cultures in one voice to harmonize challenge with a desire to triumph.  LIFE BEYOND REGGAE MUSIC was written as a reflective overview to introduce a diverse collection of artists whom have expanded beyond adversity to a world in need of CHANGE.   We are on a mission to apply standards of inspiration, as a not-for-profit fundament worldwide.  


We travel to different states and countries of to include original birth places of some of our artists which allows us to tell a story through performance to the many people who could use a smile during their times of despair.   Through caring sponsorships and funding we have been able to bring on big artists to perform as a charitable gesture through shows/festivals.  Theses artists have provided every documented history of there lives to help the charity succeed and to also be able to get awareness about on health and education abroad.  We have artists whom give back to the cause of assistance for others who face disorders like Multiple Sclerosis and Autism.  Reggae Music has become the most popular music around the world and LIFE BEYOND REGGAE MUSIC has spread the message of positivity to all we have encountered.