Our debut charity event was in Jamaica on Feb 24th to Feb 28th 2015  St. Ann's, Portland, St. Catherine and Kingston.  We received enough support to give out school supplies to over 300 students , baby cloths, food and toys to needy children and mothers in the area to a total of  500 people.  The trip as well as the event was very enlightening.  Jamaica is the birth land of our founder Ms. Heather Dennis.

August of 2013, we hosted a charity event. We created a fundraiser for a local woman from Philadelphia who has suffered with MS for over 14 years.  She is struggling with rising healthcare costs. We were able to raise $2500.00 to help her . We are willing to help those in foreign countries, as well as those in need in the United States.

 Our goal is to network with other organizations to assist families through fundraising. Through these efforts, we are able to bring joy, a sense of pride and relief to families in need.  

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